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Brief description

“Envibrary – Your Virtual Library For The Environment” is not some business idea or an NGO initiative in any way. It is rather a simple blog to showcase and spread the “Basic understanding” about the Environment which people today lack.

The Idea

I came up with this idea while I was pursuing my higher studies in Environment Science and realized that the knowledge of a common man when asked about the Earth, Nature, Environment, and its degradation was only limited to terms like Carbon Dioxide, the Ozone layer, Air pollution, Water pollution, etc.
If you search the internet for blogs and websites regarding environmental issues, you will mostly find content with overwhelming, advanced, and complicated data that may screw your understanding process. BUT IS THAT ENOUGH? I realized that to take a step to spread awareness about the Environment, we need to brush the basics and have awareness of more than just CO2 in the air or global warming. We can’t just walk around and campaign about saving the Environment without knowing the Why’s and How’s of Environmental degradation.
Environment Science is a combination of everything we’ve studied since our childhood. Aspects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, and other subjects play a key role in the functioning and stability of the Environment!

My motivation to create Envibrary?

What I’ve learned from my share of Environmental Science Education is that the point of time where we are today, a collective knowledge and initiative to mitigate the hazards and saving the Environment is THE ONLY WAY to save and preserve the Environment to achieve:
  1. A stable economy today.
  2. A sustainable future ahead.

Thus I created this simple blog “Envibrary” for people to know and understand the basics of Environment and more than that. I have tried to tailor down complicated topics into simple and understandable content so anyone and everyone can understand the content easily!

Envibrary is an “All-in-one blog” covering various crucial and important aspects of the Environment apart from just the basics, in simple words for everyone to learn.

Just like you can find any material regarding a subject in your school, college or public library, the same way you can find anything about the Environment at Envibrary! Now no need to jump between different websites to search to learn more about the Environment. Welcome to your virtual library for the Environment!

My prime objective of making this blog is

To provide a virtual library for the Environment to every curious and dedicated learner!

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