Environmental policies of India


Environmental problems are disruptions caused by man that create negative effects on the quality of the earth. An example of an environmental problem would be the melting of ice caps in the North Pole. This is an effect of global warming caused by man. The exploitation and overuse of the earth natural resources by humans, whether renewable or non-renewable has posed a serious threat to the availability of sufficient and clean resources as well as the stability and sustainability of the environment and mankind in the future. 

After years and decades of contemplation and showcasing concern over the rapid depletion and degradation of the quality of the earth’s resources, numerous international, national, local and non-governmental organizations have taken strict and dedicated initiatives in managing, conserving and reviving the remaining resources of the earth. Countries across the globe have laid down and incorporated numerous environmental policies that focus on the wellbeing and wholesomeness of crucial resources like air, water, land, forests and more. Policies have also been made to lay down strict guidelines on several human activities like waste management, treatment, and disposal that can potentially harm the environment beyond permissible limits.

Environmental policies of India

Environmental policies are the commitment of an organization to the laws, regulations, and other policy mechanisms concerning environmental issues. It pertains to our interactions with our environment. The main goal of environmental policy is to regulate resource use or reduce pollution to promote human welfare and/or protect natural systems. By enforcing such policies, governments attempt to save, manage, conserve and possibly revive publicly accessible resources that have been prone to open and unregulated use and tend to become damaged and depleted through overuse.

The rising Environmental concerns over the degradation and deterioration of quality and quantity of the Earth’s resources has led to the introduction and implementation of numerous laws, acts, and policies that lay strict guidelines for organizations to mitigate and prevent the hazardous impacts of their effluents and wastes that harm the quality of the natural resources like Air, Water, Soil, etc.

In this section of Envibrary, you will get a comprehensive outlook on the most significant and important environmental acts and policies that have been incorporated into the Constitution of India and have been enforced by the government with an objective to revive the damaged and dying environment.

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