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Arijit Samajdar

Creator & Editor

Arijit Samajdar is the creator and editor-in-chief of Envibrary. He is an active Environmental Science student and a freelance content writer from New Delhi, India. These two aspects of his life eventually led to the creation of Envibrary as a personal WordPress blog in February 2018 and later as a full-functioning domain website by May 2018.


Arijit was born and brought up in a Bengali family in New Delhi. He did his schooling from Bluebells School International, New Delhi. He pursued his Bachelor’s (BSc) and Master’s (MSc) degrees in Environmental Science, which explains his interest and motivation in creating this blog.
Arijit loves typing/writing and has accounts on various writing platforms like Quora and Medium.

As a Content Writer

Outside Envibrary, Arijit has been working as a Freelance Web Content Writer since 2016 and has mostly done Content writing work in categories like Technology, Software reviews, Website reviews, Blogging, Digital marketing, etc. He has written numerous articles as a featured author and Ghostwriter for websites like,,,,, and more.

Personal Interests

Coming to personal interests and hobbies, Arijit is a musician vocalist, guitarist and has some skills on the drums and keyboard as well. He loves composing songs and jingles during his spare time. Not professional though, Arijit is a passionate photographer and loves clicking pictures from day to day life scenarios.

Social Media

Connect with him on social media via

Instagram: Arijit Samajdar (Ari) (@arijit.sam)

Facebook: Arijit Samajdar

Twitter: Arijit Samajdar

Linkedin: Arijit Samajdar


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    Kevin Quele December 1, 2018 at 9:41 PM

    Reading your bio makes it pretty clear that you are passionate about this blog and your subject. Good luck with your work!

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